Thursday, December 25, 2014

Why Aren't We Allowed To Take Pictures In Nigerian Airport Terminal

The first time i ever boarded a plane (Triax airline) was in 1998-during Abacha's regime.
Honestly, all i have is vague memories of that moment but i have a lucid recollections of certain events that transpired while we were in the airport terminal.

Before we boarded the plane, my uncle suggested that we (the children) strike a pose together so he can take a quick picture of us posing near a plane. Before my uncle finished that statement, (while simultaneously setting up his camera), an airport official grabbed the camera from him and gave it to a military man. I really cannot remember much of what happened then but after the brief ordeal, all my uncle said to us is that pictures are not allowed in the airport!

Fast forward to 2014.

Few months ago, on my way back from  Enugu (Aero contractors), i observed a white woman trying to get a selfie with her baby in the airport tarmac. After a couple of pictures, an airport official walked up to her and requested to see her phone. After which i guess he deleted the pictures because the lady was visibly upset.

That left me wondering why is an airport picture disallowed in Nigeria?

I do not see any threat posed by mere pictures; neither do i see how those pictures negatively affects any airport user!!

Is there any law banning pictures in the airport?
is there something i don't know?

Expecting cogent answers from you guys!

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