Sunday, July 10, 2016

Nigerian Businessman Lynched in Togo

Ok this grievous atrocity happened in Togo , Lome two days ago.
This man is a Nigerian businessman in that country and was having a relationship with the lady in the picture and pregnancy resulted . He denied the pregnancy and call off the relationship . He took back the motor-cycle he bought for her when the relationship was still rosy .
She couldn't take it , she mobilized her family members plus her kinsmen and they layed ambush for this Nigerian , beat , stoned and burn him to death. ....
My take :
1. If you are living in a foreign country please play by their rules in everything or stay alone .
2.If you impregnate a woman please try and take responsibility or wait till the child is born before you take a position after DNA proofing.
3. When you are in a relationship with a woman or a man , anything you give out should not be taken back . It was given with love and so shall it be .
I call on the Nigerian government to press for redress and that justice should be done . Everyone who partook in this wickedness must be brought to book .Too many Nigerians has been killed arbitrarily in foreign countries and nothing seems to be done . THE TIME TO STOP THIS NONSENSE IS NOW ..IT COULD BE ME AND YOU .


Friday, July 8, 2016

Indian Man kills beautiful congolese woman, chops body, sets pieces ablaze

The Congolese girl that was killed by her Indian so called "husband" the idiot cut her into pieces and burn to aches. Rip beautiful don't egnor. Be mindful of the people we date what a waste of life.
Her name was Cynthia Kadima

Thursday, January 7, 2016

My Horrible Experience At Murtala Mohammed Airport

All the buses that are meant to shuttle passengers from the parking lots to the murtala mohammed international airport are no longer working due to lack of maintenace. May i remind you that there were all bought brand new some years back
Passengers have to trek miles in order to move from parking lot to air-port and vice versa.I was unfortunate enough to have been at the airport yesterday and i ended up with severe back pain due to the trekking and load i tagged along.
Secondly, the car park toll gate was malfunctioning and the security men took maximum advantage. instead of paying at the cashier's desk, the security men would accept a token from vehicles and let them pass.
Please, how low can we go in this country?