Sunday, July 10, 2016

Nigerian Businessman Lynched in Togo

Ok this grievous atrocity happened in Togo , Lome two days ago.
This man is a Nigerian businessman in that country and was having a relationship with the lady in the picture and pregnancy resulted . He denied the pregnancy and call off the relationship . He took back the motor-cycle he bought for her when the relationship was still rosy .
She couldn't take it , she mobilized her family members plus her kinsmen and they layed ambush for this Nigerian , beat , stoned and burn him to death. ....
My take :
1. If you are living in a foreign country please play by their rules in everything or stay alone .
2.If you impregnate a woman please try and take responsibility or wait till the child is born before you take a position after DNA proofing.
3. When you are in a relationship with a woman or a man , anything you give out should not be taken back . It was given with love and so shall it be .
I call on the Nigerian government to press for redress and that justice should be done . Everyone who partook in this wickedness must be brought to book .Too many Nigerians has been killed arbitrarily in foreign countries and nothing seems to be done . THE TIME TO STOP THIS NONSENSE IS NOW ..IT COULD BE ME AND YOU .


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