Wednesday, December 10, 2014

do we have restaurant monitoring team in Nigeria

The restaurant/fastfood sector in Nigeria is largely unregulated and I am sure everyone or almost everyone reading this has fallen sick at some point in their life solely because they ate in a restaurant.
Restaurants are supposed to epitomize good food and hygiene ay the same time but this is not the case in most Nigerian restaurants.

Two days ago (8 december 2014) I decided to get food from THE PLACE restaurant on isaac john street, GRA ikeja.
I bought rice jambolaya, asun (spiced goat meat), and plantain. Few hours after munching down my "delectable" dish and washing it down with a dose of pepsi-cola- I started feeling terribly sick.
It started with unending toilet runs.
I was so tired and weak, then the vomitting started. I tried everything to hold it back but after several feeble attempts at pushing back the regurgitated food into my stomach, I couldn't take it any longer and had to let go.

The next day, I felt terribly tired and sick. My mom gave me some "injection" and I really feel better now but I still have this thumping headache and unabating tiredness.
I managed to hit the gym this morning but after 20 minutes of what I can only describe as an amble work-out, I gave up and went back home.

This left me wondering why restaurants are not subjected to random quality test by the relevant authorities?
No one is perfect and I know alot of nigerian restaurant will cut corners at any given opportunity. Any restaurant will cut corners in order to save cost- not just in nigeria but anywhere in the world.

Last week, while In jevinik (on isaac john street g.r.a), I requested to see their kitchen- the kitchen where my meal is getting prepared but the waiter flatly refused. He was polite about it and also assured me of good standards so I didnt make a fuse.

Sweet sensation's standard has depreciated so much but no one keeps them in line. same thing with mr biggs, tantalizers and so many other "big" restaurants.

Please, Which authority is in charge of restaurant inspection and what are they doing??? Is it till peole start dying before they step up and take the mantle of leadership.

My name is icebeatz and I am one pissed out customer.
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