Monday, October 21, 2013

The Evil committed by grandville Estate In G.R.A Ikeja:

Sometimes i wonder why some Nigerians would live in isolation of their environment and exhibit the IDGAF attitude.

This housing estate which happens to be not too far away from my house has severely damage parts of the road on ladoke akintola street and this has caused accidents, damaged cars and cause traffic build up every day.

This is a major road within the G.R.A axis and i am sure some of you pass through that road on a daily basis.

The occupants of this estate have an alternate gate which enables them avoid the road they damaged and despite several warnings made to them, they have blatantly refused to stop leaking water from their swimming pool (chlorinated water) and giant metal tank on the road.

This housing estates is for the "elites"... too bad they can't even exhibit common sense.

Is there any relevant authority i can report them to?

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