Monday, October 21, 2013

Do They Actually Work???

I am sure we all have at a certain point come across security cameras on Nigerian roads.
Yesterday (Heard it on news yesterday), the federal government announced its plans to install 2000 cameras in Nigeria (1000 in lagos and 1000 in abuja). According to him, Lagos and Abuja is the first phase of the project.

My question today is, do these security cameras actually work in Nigeria?
Has any of them ever aided in solving a crime?

These CCTV installation project handled by chinese company costs a whooping 74 Billion Naira.
I feel they have more aesthetic values than security values.

As a matter of fact, for a 74 billion naira project, i think these cctv has been virtually useless.

This CCTV project has been running for 3 years with virtually nothing to show for it/
What do u think?
Is it a waste of public fund???

got a better suggestion?
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