Friday, September 20, 2013


Why is dance to girls these days all about shaking their behind? Days are gone when you incorporate all the parts of your body to create a nice rhythm. But today, it's all about one part of the body, which is the behind.

OK, take for example, the #Skelewu dance competition by Davido. We all know that #Skelewu dance has a particular style of flow which is the initial movement of both hands from left to right followed by the one arm akimbo and the other hand pushing forward with the palm open, as the skelewu part of the song comes in. 

Watching the #Skelewu dance videos uploaded on YouTube, Keek, Facebook and other video-sharing enabled social networking sites, it has come to my notice that girls these days, can't dance a particular dance style without making use of their behind. Not just making use of their behind but, they let the behind thing dominate like 80%.

Some girls will try to do the real #Skelewu thing for the first fifteen seconds then the spirit of behind comes in, they back the camera and talk with their behind while some girls are being possessed by the spirit of behind that from the inception to deception, it's all about the behind. OMG! What these girls do with their behind is totally incomprehensible to me. Well, let me not be distracted by that.

And that calls for my question "Why is dance to girls, all about shaking their behind?". I believe that in every action we take, we send out a message to people. Whenever I watch these videos, I get message. To me, one voice decision is not certified. That's why I put up this article to hear from everybody most especially girls who are the subject of the matter, because from their perspective, I think I will better understand.
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