Tuesday, September 10, 2013


We all know Tompolo right??
Well, if you dont know him then i guess you have been away from Nigeria for too long.
Tompolo (whose real name is Government Ekpumopolo) is an "ex" Niger-delta militant that was made a billionaire from the Governments' (initiated during Yaradua's tenure and consolidated during Jonathan's tenure) amnesty and disarmament program.

According to sources, the SE60 learjet costs a whooping 2.12 Billion Naira which is approximately 13.3 million Dollars.

Tompolo was awarded a juicy contract to protect all the pipelines and oil channels in the Niger Delta region.
He earns a whooping sum of 40-something Million naira a week (according to the government contract which is to run for 10 years)

i guess that's the Niger-delta "emancipation" they have been fighting for.....
these militants..... sorry  Ex-militants have really emancipated their pockets

What can i say?..... Please who can connect me with these militant guys.... i don't mind quitting blogging for a while!!!!

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