Monday, September 9, 2013

Godwon And Sauce Kid starts Twitter War!!!!

Didn't wanna blog it cos it was sooo damn immature of godwon.
Godwon is an upcoming Nigerian rapper.
Though i dont think anyone really heard of him, so he had to start up trouble by dissing saucekid and M.I.

You might be asking yourself what led to the dissing and name calling!!!

1- a  popular music blog published a list of top-10 Nigerian rappers and godwon wasnt on it while people he thought he is better than were on it.

2- He got emotional... cried for two days and decided to take out his frustration on twitter.

Personally speaking... i think i rap better than Godwon ... BUT I DONT RAP.... *yawns*...

Here are the twits below.

Yours truly, Spank the donut.

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