Monday, September 16, 2013

Some of The Worst Traffic Jams In History Of MAN KIND

1- Beijing, China: August 2010 {august 14- august 26}

This 62 Mile long "disaster" occurred on china National Highway and lasted for an incredible 12 days.
It was considered to be one of the worst traffic Jams in the History of man-kind as drivers were only able to move 1km a day (that is 0.6 miles).
The cause of the jam was due to not only the skyrocketing number of cars and drivers in China but also the heavy use of the route by trucks bringing construction supplies to Beijing. Interestingly enough, those construction supplies were for road work on the highway, a plan that intended to lessen the congestion and eliminate traffic jams.

China traffic jamTruck drivers play cards in the shade of a truck jammed on an entrance ramp

A driver takes a nap under his lorry

2 JAPAN (135KM) (aug 12, 1990)

The worst traffic jam event in the history of japan's transportation occurred in august 1990 and lasted for over 48 hours.
Many citizens of japan were trying to evacuated themselves from the incoming typhoon winona.

The traffic jam resulted in a line of cars as long as 135 KM (88 miles).

There were rumors that some people died in this ummmm.... MAN MADE DISASTER.

3- Lyon to Paris, France

4- Sao Paulo, Brazil

Reported in Time magazine as the city with the world's worst traffic jams, Sao Paulo, Brazil, set a record with more than 182 miles of accumulated jams out of 522 miles monitored on June 10, 2009.

No matter the day of the week or the time of the day, the city faces severe congestion. Typically, the length of a traffic jam spans to 120 miles at peak hours with drivers spending up to three-to-four hours behind the wheel in traffic each day.

The cause of the extreme traffic rests in the rising economy and living standards. Skyrocketing amounts of commercial vehicles are sold each year, with approximately 1,000 new vehicles driving on the streets each day.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

5- Lagos- Ibadan Express Way
we all know this list wouldn't be complete with mention one of the worst traffic jams in Africa.
Sadly enough, this occurs almost on a weekly basis in Nigeria.

The cause of this traffic jam is multi-faceted.
- Church crusade activities
- High number of vehicles on the express way
- and so many more.

This traffic jam can last well over 24 hours and in some cases, close to 48 hours.

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