Monday, August 12, 2013

Nigerian Student Murdered By Racists:::::::::::::::::::::

I just read the news that a Nigerian Student  was murdered in Cyprus.
The first thing that came to my mind was "wetin carry am go cyprus nah".

I heard this news yesterday but i never paid attention to it till i read it on a popular blog.
Lo and behold it was my old time friend Stanley Eteimo that was murdered in cold blood.

According to her cousin (i would'nt disclose her name) stanley was murder was motivated by racial hatred and by jealousy.

Stanley went for a party in a cyprus hotel (cant remember the name) and in the hotel, he got talking to a white girl whom she claimed was his course mate.
Well, the girl's boyfriend happened to be in the same hotel and when he saw the both of them, he got so enraged and made all manner of 
threat to stanley.

After the party, (sometime around 3am), stanley was nowhere to be found... Naturally, everyone assumed he had gone home but after a few hours, his body was discovered floating in a private beach.

According to stanley's cousin, the prime suspect (the jealous boyfriend) comes from an influential family and he openly threatened to kill our Nigerian Brother.

Please i appeal to all Nigerians to Openly voice against this evil.

It could be your brother or anyone else.
I feel so bad.

Rest in peace Stan

Last Message shared With His cousin.
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