Monday, February 4, 2013

Your Knight Sirdam

I am not an entertainment blogger but i have a friend that is really coming up strong in his music career and i dont think it would be a bad idea to "famz" before he blows and becomes a "big boy" and forgets all of us.

Okafor Izuchukwu Kingsley has always been my friend *evil smile* and i was always there for him. *nO hoMo* . He sang the "GIMME MORE" song which was a massive.. i mean massive hit in enugu state....
Haba... that was how "flavour" started.

Now he got a distribution deal with "spinlet" which is an online marketing firm.
hoooray... Now you can buy his track from "spinlet" or download them for free on several "upload" websites.... *shhhh.... i didnt say that*

Sirdam, i am proud to have you on my BBM contact.... *yesssh oooh... i get brack belly*
May God keep making u stronger and wiser and may this year expose you to other parts of Nigeria.

I will never take credit for this cos i hate famzing.
I Love doing it Low-key!

Sirdam, please when you get to thy Kingdom, dont forget your children.

and yeah... i almost forgot..... there was this rumour circulating back then that he was signed on to square records in replacement for May D....  Abegi No be me talk am.!!

Yours sincerely,
Head of Association of Famzers

Tunde ednut (left)... sirdam (right)

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