Friday, November 1, 2013

Unbelievable 3D Drawings

1-  What a Tongue
It doesn't matter how long we glance at this drawing, we certainly can't work out how this artist achieved such a realistic illusion!
2- Folding Time
It may look like it, but the page isn't being folded - it's simply the illusion of the 3D drawing!

3- Take a Seat
Take a seat and relax. This elf with a menacing smile won't hurt you - he's only a drawing after all! We had to look twice at this image because it's just so realistic.

4- Magnified Talent
It takes a lot of talent to not only draw a realistic magnifying glass, but to also recreate the magnifying glass' effect. We're super impressed!

5- Floating Shapes
We love this awesome and realistic floating shapes illusion! Only a few artists are talented enough to pull this one off!

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