Thursday, November 21, 2013

HELP OH!! Lagos State Government Seals Our House

Right now, i need some good advise.
Few months ago, we  rented a  house in V.G.C. Lagos. Ever since we rented that house, we have been paying one bill or another.

straight to the point...

Today, the Lagos state government sealed the house due to land use charges running into over 1.5. Million Naira.

They say its accumulated land use charge for about 8-10 Years now.
The annoying thing is that we only moved into the house last month and we weren't the ones living there for all the years the land charge was accumulating.

When we got home today, out of annoyance, i wanted to break the padlock but my dad cautioned me against it and right now we are staying at our older house at Ikeja.

Please we need assistance from Anyone that knows anything about this or has some experience on how to deal with this kind of palava.

Why should we pay accumulated land use charge when we only moved in recently
If the state government had done what they were supposed to do when they were supposed to do it, then we wouldn't be having this issue.

Finally VGC fine sha... i sweeear!!

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