Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Santa Fe forget away kit; forced to play in counterfeit replica jerseys

It happens to the best of 'em, but Colombian side Independiente Santa Fe forgot to pack their away kit before travelling 90 miles up the road for their recent Primera Division A fixture against Boyaca Chico. 

No big deal, you may well assume -- especially as Santa Fe weren't completely kitless after it transpired that their kitman had accidentally loaded the bins containing their home kit onto the team bus by mistake. 
However, it quickly transmogrified into a fairly big deal when, for unknown reasons, Boyaca Chico outright refused to wear their away kit for the game in order to allow Santa Fe to play in the red home strip they'd accidentally brought with them. 

Needing to bodge together a kit sharpish, Santa Fe sent their players out for the first half wearing their grey training tops with each player's squad number stuck to the back using white surgical tape. 
Sadly, profuse sweating meant the tape kept falling off, so Santa Fe were pressed into finding yet another alternative. 
Thankfully, their kitman managed to redeem himself while the first half was being played by going out into the streets of Tunja and sourcing 10 counterfeit Santa Fe replica shirts from the local market for 12,000 Colombian pesos (about £4) each. 
He then rushed the knockoff shirts back to the stadium and proceeded to scrawl the first-team's squad numbers across the back with a red permanent marker in a bid to mimic Santa Fe's official away kit
The results were astounding. Indeed, we heartily suggest youfollow this 'ere link for a look at the actual kit the Santa Fe team were forced to play the second half in. It's truly a work of DIY brilliance. 
The best part is undoubtedly that Santa Fe ended up winning the game 2-0 despite the almighty palaver they went through!
The result also proved one in the eye for the curmudgeonly Boyaca Chico officials responsible. Hopefully next time they'll be a little more accommodating.

Culled from ESPN blog
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