Tuesday, October 9, 2012



We have heard so much stories about the “ALUU 4”.
When the news hit the internet a couple of days back, some people supported the barbaric act (they haven’t seen the video yet) while others instantly condemned it.

There has been over a million different versions of their murder and it seems that people who know nothing seem to be the most opinionated (thanks to the internet).
Well, we’ve all heard the stories and one thing seems to stand out in all of them and that is the fact that they were not armed robbers and they were not with stolen goods….. That is all that matters for now!!...
If they were cultists, drug addicts or innocent students, that has to be left for them and God.
All that matters is that they were not armed robbers or murderers.

The video of their barbaric murder went viral on the internet and most of us could barely watch it without feeling sick to the stomach.
I got hold of seven different videos and I painstakingly watched them all… I looked out for faces of the assailants but the camera was quite unsteady and blurry to make out clean faces. Okay back to the point – In all the videos I watched, one thing seems to be common amongst them:

1-      The villagers didn’t give them a proper chance to speak. They were already hell bent on killing them.

2-      They didn’t accept the allegation of armed robbery even to the point of death. In the videos (I might post it) you could hear the villagers shouting “confess! Confess!!!!”……  “die!, dieeeee!!!!” Despite all the beating, none of them agreed to being armed robbers.

3-      The man on the sweat shirt (or sweater) that looks like stripped black and white did all the major head beating and he was the one that put the tire on them and set them ablaze…. Anybody who hasn’t killed before, wouldn’t be able to do that.

4-      From what I learnt, the man’s name is AKC (im not sure if it is his nick name).

I didn’t cry when I watched the video but my heart was heavily bleeding. My sanity was molested and I suggest that anyone who sees the video should go for POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER counseling and treatment.
In both videos, the four of them were still alive and pleading their cases. In the second video, i was able to make out some faces around the beginning. Put it on  slow play.
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