Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What Happened To "SamKlef Noni"

Its been a while that wizkid and samklef worked together and i highly suspect there is a coded beef between the two. Come On!!! Samklef literally producer 99% of wizkid's first album (Super star) Which was a massive Hit then. So where is SamKlef now. I heard he is married with Kid(s). Well that is great but that doesn't stop him from doing more wonders right??

What caused the Beef??
I suspect it started after Akon did a remix of "don't dull". Have you listened to the song??
Well i listened closely to it and i observed that another person was given credit for the beat.
Well, if i was samklef, i would definitely Pissed!!! HOW CAN SOMEONE ELSE GET CREDIT FOR MY BEAT!!!!

I attached the audio clip, don't worry, i cut it down to the exact point where Akon gave another person credit for the beat.


That is the link.
Im yet to figure out how to upload audio on this blog.
Im new!! wooohoooo
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