Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Truth About This Picture

This picture of a Python wrapped round a boy seems to making a lot of rounds on some Nigerian sites and people have condemned the scenario saying its inhuman and flagrant child abuse. This means that they all had a bias towards what they saw.

Of course that's what the photography was meant to shock people who view it into believing that  National Geographic catches wildlife scenes live.

 But what if this photo was faked?

 most people didn't think about that on these sites.

 This photo looks obviously staged on a number of counts: 

 ·     The Python could have been a dead one wrapped round the boy's leg

·         Notice the way the boy is holding onto the looks more like he's supporting it rather than struggling with it,

·         There were two cameramen - the one filming the boy and the one that took the photo. The cameraman seems to be deliberately kept out of view.

·         The picture is no doubt an Ad that applies the use of photography which speaks for the National Geographic brand. If you visit sites like, 

you'll come across a lot of photography staged for the shock and attention value.  

So if you think this was the capturing of child abuse in action...take a look again!


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