Saturday, September 15, 2012

P-square Replaces MAY-D!!!

First it was from a source close to them millionaire P-square Duo.
Then it started filtering through online media sources!!
This story has been floating on the media for a while now and i don't think its a big news anymore (but i go still write on am sha).

Anyway, its been rumored that Square records now has a latest signing by the name "Sirdam".
When i heard this news, alot of questions ran to my mind- could this be to replace mr May-d (the ile ijo crooner).
To be honest, i don't know who this Saddam "sirdam" is but i heard his song on radio (rhythm FM) today and i decided to use my best friend; "uncle Google".
Google really did justice to my enquire and i was able to listen to his some of his songs and i must confess that this new kid deserves my time and energy!
Anyway, the whole Garri team and friends of the Garri team wish sirdam hussein the tyrant best of luck in all his endeavours. I would definitely be watching out for this boy.
Do you think this is a mistake on the part of p-square?
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